Death by Restraining Order

My boss is off to his cousin-in-law's funeral today; a very sad situation.  Seems this lady was in a bad relationship, bad enough that the guy was arrested back in January.  So what did the Sheriff do?

Let him out on $1,000 bond, put an ankle monitor and a restraining order on him, and sent him on his merry way.

He disabled the ankle monitor (the second time that has happened in the past year, I might add) went back up to where the lady was living (way up in the mountains, where even if the monitor worked, the cops would have been an hour away) and took a shotgun (don't even get me started on where he got a shotgun) to her and himself in a classic murder-suicide.

I'm sorry, but I can't see any way to get around it.  She was killed by the ineffective "justice" system.  Why anyone would have thought any other outcome was likely when they let him out, I don't know.

As Weer'd always says: "Carry your guns people."  You never know when an ex with a grudge might get let out of prison...


Weer'd Beard said...

Man what a gut-punch story!

Wow, relay my condolences to your boss this sucks.

If one life can be saved from this story by getting people to back up their restraining order with a firearm and a will to use it, it will be worth it.

Also second time he disabled his monitor?

Also did he have to pay the full bond, or is it 10% like some states.

bluesun said...

No, just the second time someone disabled their anklet--the first time was someone else (who proceeded to go on a multi-state robbery spree).

I don't know what percentage it takes here, the story just said "$1000 bond".