"They are a small group"

So, according to Joan Peterson, women shooters hardly exist. Never mind that that somewhere north of 20% of women now own guns, and the percentage is rapidly growing. Or that on the front cover of the Cabela's Shooting catalog I got yesterday looks like this:

I don't know about you, but the person with the gun in the picture sure looks female to me.  Say what you will about Cabela's, but do you really think they don't know what way the wind is blowing for their marketing?

I'm sorry, Joan, but you are wrong.  You are a liar, or maybe mentally ill.  And you are rapidly going to become a minority, a footnote in history.

It is truly going to be Miguel's Year of the Dragon Lady.  And that can only be a good thing.


Weer'd Beard said...


Ain't no arguing with that!

Hence why denial is their main tactic!

Anonymous said...

Saying what I will about Cabela's: I ordered one of their rag wool sweaters and it came in a few days ago. It is really comfy and looks pretty sharp.

My rabidly anti-gun, San-Francisco, vegan, hippie-dippy mother-in-law wants me to teach her to use a handgun, my wife carries, and I gave a shotgun to a good friend of mine who is not only a Jehova's witness, but a woman. I can't even take this shill seriously anymore and just find myself either chuckling or burying my face in my hands when she speaks.

bluesun said...

I personally like Cabela's a lot. They get entirely too much of my money. The complaints are usually in the "You don't save any money" department, or the "They spend too much on fancy catalogs" department.

And Joan has taken the saying, "If you can't be a good example, be a horrible warning," considered it carefully, and decided to jump both feet in to the horrible side. Whatever floats your boat, there, lady.