Molten Chocolate Cake

We had company over for dinner the other day, and my mother made these.  I have no idea what was in them--lots of chocolate, though.  They were cooked so that the middle was still basically warm liquid chocolate.  And real whipped cream on top.

Too bad you couldn't a been here.


Brigid said...

That looks good. I'm staying in to avoid all the Super Bowl traffic and mess coming out of the city. A good day to bake and make soups and stocks to freeze. But cake, cake sounds good.

bluesun said...

Especially cake that has to be at least 3/4 chocolate by weight.

Butch Cassidy said...

Home-whipped cream? Any chance your mom can mail one of these to me?

I may have to fire up the kitchen Aid tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Oh Mom used to make that and it's wonderfully delicious! She called it brownie pudding, my brother used to beg her to make it.