Quote of the Day

Adaptive Curmudgeon makes predictions for the future. Here's a sample:
The European common currency, which chains drowning and strong swimmers together, will persist even as everyone has a theory about how to deep six it. I’m not sure what will happen after 2012 but watching Brussels work though the mess they’ve created will be like seeing a sausage made back into a dead cow.
It boggles the mind that all these things can be seen to be happening and yet we just keep chugging along, towards the thundering roar of the waterfall, not even trying slow down, let alone turn the boat around. What can we do? Well, as I said in the comments over there, I plan on popping a lot of popcorn; watching the talking heads and rulers of the world fiddle while it burns down, at least I can get some entertainment value out of it...


Anonymous said...

We live in interesting times.

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