Well, you probably have noticed that I've been talking about this a lot, recently--heck, I first mentioned it back last November, so it really should come as no surprise. But with the way that google is ignoring the "Don't Be" part of their motto, and me just getting plain fed up with blogger's interface and commenting (CAPTCHA SUCKS!, and anyone who tells you different is just trying to rationalize why their abusive boyfriend keeps hitting them), I am hereby announcing my imminent departure from Google Blogger to Wordpress.  As of 2-29-2012, the eve of google's privacy policy change, the only thing that will be posted on this website will be reminders for people to change their bookmarks/blogrolls to my new digs, at

I don't know if this is the smart decision, or the right decision, but it is a decision, so at least you will stop hearing me complain about blogger.  Over the course of the next week, I will be giving out daily reminders of this switch, and until the 29th, I will still be giving you your daily supply of random music videos/inane chatter.  If you would be so kind, please look at my blogroll on the Wordpress blog, and let me know if I am missing you. If I forgot someone, I would be happy to add you (as long as you don't look too crazy on my completely fair and objective scale)!



Anonymous said...

Gooble gobble one of us!

bluesun said...

And you can be Butch again!

Anonymous said...

Good idea!