Yep, that's what I thought would happen

Turned off CAPTCHA yesterday because it pisses me off to no end (oh how I hate thee!  Begone from the world, blurry and random letters!) and today got my first real spam in a looooong time, a bunch of links all in Cyrillic, which when I run through Google Translator, apparently are advertizing "women's bright colored motorcycle boots." 

For a company that does so many cool things, google sure is getting on my bad side awful quick...

Added:  Hilariously enough, right after I first wrote this, I got another spam... on this post.   Fail, Fail, FAIL.  And let me just point out again, in the past couple hours, the amount of spam I've gotten over the course of 2 years of blogging has doubled.  Is the hatred of CAPTCHA worth it? 


Ruth said...

Are they acutally posting? Or is Blogger catching them and setting them aside for you to look at ? Note, if you have it set to email you when a comment is made it'll email you either way.

I've had a few spam posts since I turned it off, but so far Blogger has caught them all for me. Considering that I've given up on comments a couple times after failing the new WV 4 times in a row I'd say its worth leaving it off, but if you're getting thar much spam actually POSTING then maybe not for you.

bluesun said...

They're being caught by the trap (so far), but it is really REALLY annoying that I still get a notification every time.

I think I hate Google.

KurtP said...

You DO know that Google was founded and is run by Liberals,
Liberals love to control people and to use big brothers doublespeak.

So knowing that, what do you think their official motto of "Don't be evil" means?

bluesun said...

I always thought it was a cutesy way of saying "LOOK OVER THERE!" while they quietly rifled through your personal belongings.