Speaking of Leisure...

I've got none. Going over to help the neighbor (the good one, not the crazy one) to set up what was described to me as a "Grilling Gazebo." Not sure what it is exactly, but this neighbor loves cooking out on his grill, and has a large patio set up with his grill, and a smoker, and all the accoutrements that go along with such things, so I imagine this is some sort of structure to cover the patio.

Then after that I'm hoping to get over to a friends house to work on a gun I have that has a very stuck screw. Bought a new one from Brownell's (10 bucks for a screw and lock washer?!?!?) so assuming we can get it out with some of his fancy tools, I'll be happy.

Also, I have been meaning to make a cold frame so we could get our vegetables started, so maybe I'll get going on that.

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