Not that anyone cares about my opinion

But about the latest "DICK ON THE INTERNET" thing going around the gunblogs, I found this just plain hilarious.

From a website that says it's the place bringing "a touch of class?" 

"Whew, I sure am tired of digging this hole.  I should go and get the backhoe!"

They sure are using the classic anti-gun debate strategies, as well.


Weer'd Beard said...

I dunno, now I'm interested to see if critical mass of dickitude could happen.

Seems Farago backed it off when he was getting universally hated.

This guy is charging boldly ahead into the lake of fire!

bluesun said...

I just got a mental image of a guy dressed up like a knight riding a dinosaur, as you said, charging boldly into the depths of the fiery pits of hell. Too bad that's way more awesome than what's actually happening.

Anonymous said...

He's getting what he wants-attention.

bluesun said...

And that's one thing that I just don't get. Sure I like a little attention, but I would still be finding random Youtube videos without it. And why would a person want negative attention? O_o

Anonymous said...

And then there is me: Still a touch sick, head throbbing, cranky, and very tempted to go push his buttons until he gives me a profile. I would print a copy and hang it on my wall as a trophy.

By trophy, of course, I mean airgun target.

Edit: I miss being able to comment as Butch.

bluesun said...

Out of curiosity, would you rather comment as Butch, have me go insane, or have to deal with CAPTCHA? Blogger is just teh suck.

Weer'd Beard said...

"And why would a person want negative attention?"

In the case of trolls like Mike Bunch-of-numbers, or Robert Farago, its because they're appallingly uninteresting people by nature with no redeemable talents.

But they want attention. Anybody can shit their pants, just few are willing to do it in public for attention.

People with this combination of traits will do behavior like this.

I live for seeing comments on my latest post, and like to see my sitemeter numbers going up.

Thankfully I can get this by talking about guns, politics, and making Cloaca jokes!