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The Czar of Muscovy is talking about abortion, and the attitudes and language used to discuss it.  His attitude is identical to mine:
Abortion is the least American thing we do: you can draw a smiley face on it and call it pro-choice, and say it is all about the mother protecting her body (from what, by the way?). But ultimately it is a violent, abhorrent murder against the absolute most defenseless people in our society—the sleeping fetus.
I know that this can be a hot-button issue, but the "My Body, My Choice" slogan is leaving out one of the major parties in the debate--the one that is most affected and least able to speak up.


Tam said...

I think killing anything that shows signs of being a sentient human life is murder.

So it's pretty much open season on anything under thirty, and not looking good for most people older than that, either.

Thing is that we have two intractable views here: You think that the minute the sperm touches the egg, it's a human. That person over there doesn't. You have to make a legal ruling without consulting any holy books. Ready? Go!

(And good luck with that.)

bluesun said...

And with the way they are saving preemies earlier and earlier, where are you going to put the cutoff? What happens when they make a real artificial womb and the whole thing is done in a lab? I personally just think that the logical place to put it is at the very beginning.

Weer'd Beard said...

I never understood why it was considered Libertarian to kill a fetus.

But of course you do run smack dab into the standard follies that come with prohibition, and its super easy to conceal abortion from view of law enforcement if need be....

Tam said...

"I never understood why it was considered Libertarian to kill a fetus."

Who said it was? I mean, when you break it down, that was a pretty japeteish remark, Weer'd.

Okay, we'll take it as a point of argument that killing a fetus is murder. What about killing an embryo? A zygote? A gamete? Where do you draw the line?

(And note that nowhere here am I giving my point of view; I'm just throwing stuff out in a Devil's Advocate sort of way.)

Weer'd Beard said...

No I hear you Tam.

I'm one of those Embryo type guys.

That being said, I suspect prohibition does a LOT more damage so I don't really set my line in the sand very deep.

bluesun said...

Yeah, the prohibition thing is where I get hung up.