Broken Glass and Packing Tape: A Tale Told In Pictures

This morning the neighbor told me to go out to my jeep--this is what befell my eyes:

Apparently, some idiot wanted to see how far he could get a glass window to explode if he threw a peice of concrete roughly 12"x6"x"3 through my window.

The answer to the question?  EVERYWHERE.  I don't see how they can call it "safety glass" when it explodes so violently--and it's definitely still sharp, believe me.

I'm really surprised at how little damage there was, considering how big a piece of concrete they used.  The only real damage besides the window is a ding in the leather on the steering wheel. I'm also surprised at how nothing was taken out of my jeep.  Not that there is much in there, but a couple of sleeping pads and a Estwing axe still would have been easy pickings.  This leads me to believe that it was a drunk fukker who did it and not someone who knew what they were doing.  Still pisses me off though.  'Scuse the French.  So I called the cops, the officer took a picture said: "Life sucks" (not in so many words, but I knew what he meant), and gave me a case number in case I wanted to file the insurance claims.  Of course, this isn't covered in my insurance as far as I know, so I'll probably not even bother with it.

So for the past couple hours I've been vacuuming and calling auto glass places, not that that is very useful on a Saturday afternoon.  I get the general feeling that a replacement will be here on Tuesday at the earliest and it will run me between $170-$200 bucks.  Yay.  And of course it was nice all week but is supposed to rain and snow(!) all weekend.

So until the work week is back, I'm rednecking it.


Information regarding a smashed Jeep window
the morning of 10/23/2010
No reward, 
but I am willing to let you help me  
beat up the perp.


KurtP said...

Pick-n-pull is your friend.
It should cost about $75 at a junk yard, and it's not that hard to replace.

doubletrouble said...

Another confirmed sighting to renew my hypothesis:

People are assholes.

Nancy R. said...

Dude -- that sucks out loud. And snow? It's supposed to be 75 degrees and sunny here tomorrow. You have my condolences.

bluesun said...

It's almost like if they HAD stolen stuff, at least it would have been worth their time. As it is, it was a waste of their time and a waste of mine.

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that it is called "safety glass" because it does not shard like plate glass does, and you are less likely to impale yourself on a razor-sharp spearpoint when involved in an accident.

Sanded to death, on the other hand...

That, right there, is some hardcore suckage, though... People are idiots, through and through.