Heh. Today is 10/22!

Today is October 22, which, as pointed out elsewhere, is 10/22 Day! So, let's play a game!

Can you spot the 10/22 hiding in a pile of bluesun's junk?

And goofing off with photoshop:

Why, yes, I do believe that I will have to find somewhere to shoot it this weekend Where there aren't hunters. Without a hunting license, hunting season kinda sucks. All my usual spots up in the mountains will be covered in an obnoxious orange color.


doubletrouble said...

Are those Tech-Sights?
Looks like you've got yourself a LTR right there.

bluesun said...

Got it in one! I was -this- close to going to an Appleseed last spring, but I couldn't make it. Dang it, I'm ready for it, though!

KurtP said...

In the black gunbag behind the chair?

bluesun said...

It's not really in the bag...

KurtP said...

Dayum, I'm glad that wasn't a snake.
I must have looked at it three times without recognizing it.