Volvo Update

As I talked about here, the Volvo finally tried to die on us.  So today I am probably going to head on down to my Uncle's place, get his trailer, bring it back here, get the Volvo loaded onto it, and maybe bring it back down to his shop.  As it's an hour drive to get to his shop, and I've never driven with a trailer, things could become very interesting.  The only advice I've gotten for driving with a trailer is "Well, it will follow you."  Whee.


Nancy R. said...

Well, leave more distance for stopping, obviously. And don't cut your turns too close. Common sense -- you'll be fine.

Spikessib said...

You'll be fine. I drove with a trailer once. It went slightly better than my attempt to drive on snow and ice.

Linoge said...

Do not back up. Ever. And turn wider than you think.

'Sides that, I got nothin'.

KurtP said...

A car dolly is wider than your tuck, so it's wheels will stick out farther.
Set your side mirrors so you can see part of your truck and the wheels of the trailer.

Watch your trailer when you turn-make this a habit.

Be sure your lights work.

After you've got the Volvo loaded and strapped in, learn how differently the dolly turns--is it a dolly or an 18' bumper pull?

After you get the car on whatever, get it strapped or chained down and then check it about 15 miles down the road and re-tighten things.

Space is your friend in front, in back and especially the sides -adjust your speed to manage your space.

doubletrouble said...

An old dodge: should you have to back 'er up, hold the steering wheel at the bottom, & turn it in the direction you want the trailer to go. It really isn't that bad once you do it a couple times.