What I'm doing this afternoon (and probably tomorrow)

Alternate title: Volvo Update Update Update Update (I think that's right. I'm losing track of updates).

My uncle called us up and said he's fixed the Volvo--it was a cracked distributor cap. One of our neighbors (a retired cop who doesn't have much to do anymore) offered to give me a ride down to Olathe to pick it up. So that sounds like it will all work out.

Ah, but there's a hitch.

I believe I mentioned a while back that my Uncle's houseboat was due for it's scheduled refit--it turns out that there is significant water damage to all the plywood. In his own words: "Don't know if it wouldn't be cheaper to scrap it and buy a new boat." So in lieu of payment on the Volvo work, I've been shanghaied into his demolition crew for this afternoon and possibly tomorrow. I told him that I'm good at demo, but offer no guarantee on the quality of the rebuild...

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