1 year ago

One year ago on the 20th of September I first held in my hand a little card that gave me permission from the overlords that I could carry a loaded handgun whilst going about my life. I think there have only been 5 or 6 days since that I haven't taken advantage of it at some point during the day (I couldn't bring a gun to school or any restaurant that served alcohol while I was in MT, and I couldn't bring a gun with me when I flew to WY for a job interview--thanks overlords for your random and capricious rules).

In the past year I have not murdered anyone over a parking space, forced a waiter to bring me more drinks, or threatened a professor to give me good grades. And that's even with the disadvantage that as of this writing I am 23 years old and apparently can't show sound judgement because my brain isn't fully developed yet.

I make Sarah Brady and Collin Goddard cry just by breathing. And, though I do not need a reason to want to exercise my God-given rights, when someone asks me why I carry, isn't that enough?


BK said...

Good deal!! I feel safer knowing people are carrying, whether open or concealed. And really, from your blog, I never guess you were 23...

bluesun said...

Ummm... I guess I'm wise beyond my years? It just goes to show you how anti-rights cultists have to generalize and pigeon-hole to get anyone at all to listen to them.