Oh, look

A moron was impressed by another moron and went and impersonated him, nearly down to the last detail, only missing what limb he broke.

"I was so impressed with Aaron Ralston's story, the way he went into the desert and didn't tell anyone and nearly died. I'm going to do the same thing."

I would say that he could have gone one step further and amputated something important, but it appears he already amputated his brain prior to the hike.

My faith in humanity just died a little bit more.


Butch Cassidy said...

Please tell me this area is like NH and he will be billed for the rescue.

bluesun said...

I sure hope so.

kx59 said...

looking to write a book and perhaps get a movie deal I suspect.
It's going to be a hard sell though.
I saw the movie about the dude with the trapped arm, what was it "120 hours" or something like that.
I thought it was pretty well done, but the only sequel that moron will get will be on youtube.

bluesun said...

I never thought the man to be anything but a fool, so I never wanted to spend any money on his "story".

Don't you ever, ever, ever go into the wild without telling someone where you are going and when you're coming back. If you do, then don't expect me to send out a rescue party, my response will be DARWIN AWARD!

kx59 said...

wise beyond your years you are.
imagine my best yoda imitation...