I'm Back and I'm Going Again

Had a pretty good time in Denver over the weekend, despite it being Denver.  The traffic was atrocious and there were "medical" marijuana stores on every block, there were jillions of people everywhere, and I still don't understand the appeal.  However, my friends and I, being the wild and crazy guys that we are, visited the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, the Downtown Aquarium (I hope to get a few of my pictures up eventually), saw Captain America at the $2 theater, and watched half a season of Futurama.  What a birthday for my friend! 

But now I've got another friend coming down from Montana today, so I've got to get a good day of work in before I go and goof off for another week.  We're hoping to get a few good hikes in and maybe a few days of camping.  Posting may be light, but then again, it may not.  We'll see what happens.

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