Must be Autumn

We haven't had to turn on the swamp cooler till the afternoon for the past few days, and at night I actually appreciate having my wool blanket on my bed.  The corn in the garden is turning yellow and drying up, the tomatoes are coming on like a storm, and if it's not fall then it's getting close.  Probably be able to wear shorts for another month and a half, but it will probably be time to put away the sandals sooner than that. 

It's weird, though, this past summer we only had three days where we broke 100 (usually we get strings of weeks at a time), and it seemed to never dry out all that much.  It was actually kinda nice... do I have to thank Algor for it, or just take it as a fluke?

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kx59 said...

We were a bit short on 100+ degree days and drought over here, so we borrowed it.
But, you can have it back if you need it.
Cooler here the last few days as well.