Hungarian Ammo?

Just wondering if anyone out in the wide wide world of the interwebs had any experience with this Hungarian ammo--branded  MFS.  Cabela's was running a sale and the .38 special was kinda ridiculously cheap (about half as expensive as the next one up), so I bought a few boxes just to have.  Their (rather poorly translated) website is here, which seems like any other (rather poorly translated) foreign ammo manufacturer website. 

And, by the way, at the bottom of that link--what the heck is an "Alarm Cartridge"? Like a blank, or what? "Stop, criminal, or else I will make a very large noise that will alarm the neighborhood to your nefarious purposes!"

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KurtP said...

Pwan Stars had an 'alarm canon' come in and it turned out that ships used them to alert the port authority that they needed a pilot...or something like that.