I take whatever that is awesome you have seen today and raise it by the power of LEGO

Proud winner of today's "T-T-T-ToooOOO Much! Time On My HaaaAAAnds!" award:

43280 parts. 180 pounds. Made entirely out of LEGO's, no superglue no internal frame.\

Wow. Just, wow.


Kevin said...

Wow is right! There's a lot of time and money wrapped up in that thing! I am suitably impressed.

bluesun said...

On the one hand I am horrified that someone went through the effort to do this, but on the other I think it is really really neat that someone did.

DaddyBear said...

This is someone who has no kids and lives well outside an earthquake zone.

The amount of time not just to build, but to design, boggles the mind.