Quote of the Insult

What with all the gunbloggers contracting out and selling their services in the artistic spectrum, I wonder if there is a demand for colorful, yet [relatively] clean insults?  Because I'm pretty sure Borepatch could make a living with quality like this:

Progressives are a bunch of thieving, hypocritical  bastards that couldn't tell their asses from a hole in the ground because they're so blinded by their Moloch ideology that they will prostitute their body and soul for a cheap tumble in the sack with any old pretty Progressive face, as long as he flatters their sense of Moral Righteousness™.

They're so slutty and easy.
I like a good insult, where your opponent, in all likelihood, has to look up what you are referring to.

And while I'm at it, you really ought to read what it is that caused all this ranting. Chilling stuff.  Evil exists, and when it is state sponsored... well, do you know where your line is drawn?

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Borepatch said...

And I thought I was getting all potty-mouth and everything. ;-)