Solve the Inflation Issue!

Thus the dread and powerful Czar of Muscovy used his powers to discover what Little Timmy Geitner and his Funhouse Pals are thinking up to reduce our monetary supply

I particularly applaud the ingenuity of these two:
Have a contest on the White House lawn, and see which kid can tear up the most hundred dollar bills in two hours. Invite like a million kids, and intentionally forget to set the timer.
(fun for the whole family!)

Announce that you’re paying for a wedding. Nobody knows where the hell all that money goes, but it seems to totally disappear.
(just coming off of attending two weddings a few weeks back, this one seemed particularly effective!)

All hail the Czar, and may he always use his powers for awesome!

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The Czar of Muscovy said...

Thanks, chief!

Appreciate the compliments. May your days be prosperous, happy, and full of (desired) family.