Free money?

Prof. Mondo reports a rather insulting (to me, anyway) petition he's seen going around "calling for the government to forgive all outstanding student loan debt."

I wonder, if some ivy-league libtard brainwashed student who is in debt, say, $200,000 and who can only get a job at Micky-D's, gets their loan forgiven, does that mean that I can get my roughly $9,000 in student loans forgiven and a check for $191,000?  I mean, it's only fair, right? No?

So my American Dream is to pay for your silver platter huh? Morons. YOU MADE YOUR BED, NOW GO THE HELL TO SLEEP.  Or better yet, think about ANYTHING OTHER THAN YOUR OWN FOOLISH LIFE CHOICES.

As the good Professor says, higher education right now is a bubble, and bubbles will pop.  You can either take it like a man, or take it like a... Greek man.


North said...

Usually student loans solve themselves. A student will become employed, and a part of his wages/earnings will go toward paying off the loan over time. I like this plan better. It works. We should keep doing it that way. It isn't broken, don't fix it.

Southern Belle said...

I love that last line! never heard that before.... heh.

bluesun said...

But North, it's for teh childrens!