$614.47 is what it cost me to get the plates put on to the new(er) truck.  $614.47.  That's enough to buy a K-car.

Life tip, kiddies--don't roll your jeep.  It's cheaper to just keep driving it.  I think I am making that rule number 7, or so.


DaddyBear said...


Anonymous said...

There are many, many reasons we drive our vehicles until they are antiques but this is certainly one of the main reasons...taxes and licensing fees stink! Glad you were able to find something quickly, hope it serves you well.

bluesun said...

I was planning on driving the jeep for many more years, but instead I drove it until I killed it.

Linoge said...

Since the state cannot (yet) tax you for breathing, they have to get their pound of flesh somewhere.

Is that the only time you have to pay up? Georgia has a happy little yearly tax that comes due... on your birthday. Great present, that.