Moving up in the world?

I just turned down my first offer for a sponsorship deal on my blog.  But I have a sneaking suspicion that it was some sort of scammer.  I really doubt that anyone really would want to advertise with me anyway, what with the small amount of traffic I get.

Anyway, I'm not saying that at some point I won't abandon my high moral ground for my dirty capitalist leanings, but for now I am still pure as the driven snow.


doubletrouble said...

"Large outdoor & sporting goods..."?

I got that one; I think it's Sportsman's Guide- the have pop-ups everywhere & quite a few bloggers promote them as well.

bluesun said...

I think I will still stay just me. Though I have bought stuff from SG in the past.

doubletrouble said...

Hell yeah, me too. In fact, my CC is SG sponsored, so I get freebie gift cards for every zillion $$$ I spend on the card.
Been buying from them since they first opened in 1977 or so...

Good company, but I think that's the source of the sponsorship request.

Nancy R. said...

I got the same request. I wanted to reply with "If you'd actually READ by blog, you'd see that I'm probably not a good fit."

At least I'm in good company.

bluesun said...

Woohoo! We can be antisocial together!