True Grit

The other night me and some friends decided to go bowling.  When we got there, the bowling alley was closed.  Typical.  Luckily, the bowling alley was right next to the new movie theater, and luckier still, one of the girls used to work there and knew the manager well, so we got some free tickets.  Awesome!

Anyway, we went in and watched the new True Grit.  I found it to be a fairly entertaining western.  All of the characters are exaggerations--from the headstrong Mattie to the gruff and drunk Cogburn.  There is no thinly veiled social commentary (even though Matt Damon is in it) which was a pleasant surprise.  It is just a straight ahead western adventure, from all accounts a very faithful adaptation of the original story.  Get that?  Not a remake of the John Wayne movie.

The local newspaper reviewed it at 3/4, and I would say that I agree with them.


Anonymous said...

I liked the first movie and had hoped this one would be as good. We went last night but the girl wanted to see the Little Fockers instead.

bluesun said...

I had to fight to convince my friends that Little Fockers wasn't the one to waste a free movie on. Even the girls in the group liked True Grit; Mattie is a very strong protagonist.