Missing Moolah

Through messing around on the internet, I have discovered that one of the shops in town, through Davidson's Gun Genie, could get a 642 for under $300. That's a new S&W revolver for less than they would deliver a Charter Arms.

Bah. Gah. I need to stop messing around on the internet, because all it does is feed my temptation.


Butch Cassidy said...

Not to be sarcastically pushy, but seriously, jump on that deal.

Less than $300 for a gun that is: quality, accurate, lightweight, has the option of throwing some nuclear rounds, and about as concealable as they come.

I paid $300 even for my twenty year old, NIB model 36. A new j-frame 357 for less than that?

bluesun said...

I want to soooo much, but I believe the roof over my head will be jerked out from over me if I do right now, with no job.