Sunday Music: Paranoid Schizophrenic Apocalyptic Whisper Kitten

Good ol' Johnny Reuben

no words spoken will go unnoticed
happy as we’ve ever been
quiet friend silent companion
the ghost
inside in your head
miracles for fools
nothing left to prove
when the spirit
i wasn’t looking for relevant religion
the demons i know have got plenty of style
run for the hills
stay for a while
leave your personality behind
paranoid schizophrenic apocalyptic whisper kitten
working on some brand new fabric
polyester satin linen
when it comes to improvements
old money funds new movements
reach inside your bag of tricks
the next healthy alternative
for what it’s worth
greener artificial turf
if that magic doesn’t work
culture whores ask for more
you’ve been rejected
brother every thing’s exhausted
at least you know where to go
when you don’t have any
more options

Always interesting.

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