Why did that happen?

So last night after my mother got home from work, for some reason we decided to take apart the dryer and clean it out.  This involved multiple trips to the garage for various screwdrivers and such, two broken metal clips (that have since been replaced by duct tape), a full vacuum cleaner, and a trip to the home improvement store.  Since it was getting late and we hadn't eaten yet, we decided to use up some gift cards we got for Christmas to a restaurant by the home improvement store.  Since we were already out by the mall, we decided to go around and hit up a couple more stores for little things that were vaguely on the list.  A baby shower present here, a birthday present there, and pretty soon you're talking about real shopping.  We got home at ten o'clock and still had to re-hook up the dryer. 

But I think all the parts got put back in where they needed to be--I had no extra screws left over, for once.  And a load of laundry is currently running.  If you don't hear from me in the next couple days it's because the house burnt down...

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