Looking south, towards town and over the pool:
Hot side: 105 degrees
Cold Side: 75 degrees
Air temperature: Just north of freezing
Beautiful day, though I quite like swimming in it when it's snowing, an even more novel experience.

Looking north from an overlook; the pool is just visible at the top of the town if you zoom in:

I love Ouray, Colorado.


Alan said...

Very picturesque. I can almost ignore the snow.

bluesun said...

There really wasn't even enough snow to be bothered with. Even a Texan probably wouldn't have noticed, and with the sun the temperature was even pretty nice.

doubletrouble said...

So THIS is how the rich folk live, eh?

Fine. Now I need to be rich... trade ya for my fedora?

bluesun said...

It was just a visit. A two hour drive and ten dollars for a nice soak and a massive sunburn. I may not be rich, but I'll still trade you for a fedora?