Sarah Palin as President?

Not here. Over at Borepatch's place.

It's an interesting read, though I'm not sure that he isn't over-inflating the power of "New Media" a little bit. When I think of all the people I know, most of them either get the newspaper or get their news from the TV. I know that there are people out there (i.e., me) who get most of their news from blogs and the internet, but in my experience most of them are youngsters who may not have developed a healthy skepticism towards the talking heads, really just don't care enough about politics and world events to be bothered.

Still, Borepatch makes a good point that nothing is impossible, especially if a person makes a concerted effort to turn the mainstream media against itself by using their own words against them. It seems that most of the republicans haven't figured out yet how to do this (any of them?), and none of the democrats even need to try as the media follows right along with them...

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