And today's helpful advice for all you wannabe "Occupy... Something" folks out there

If you would stop dressing like a hipster I might care. But you don't. You have to go and look all "ironic" (WTFDTM?) with your neckerscarves and pork-pie hats that are a size too small and your big stupid glasses that are probably not prescription (and if they are, they are the wrong prescription for sure).

So now we are up to: 1) Don't complain about the weather if you are out there by choice and 2) Wear real clothes.

Oh and one more: If you DARE tell me that we need to forgive your student debt you had better be ready for me to BEAT YOU TO THE FUCKING GROUND. I am working--even if not my first choice of employment. I am paying off my student loans--even if not my first choice on how to use that money. I am doing these things because a loan was extended to me, the terms of which I accepted, and which went towards my "education." At current rates I should be done within a year. If by some miracle you get that monstrosity forced down I expect a full reimbursement of all the money I sent off to those loverly people at the Department of Education, after which I will spend it on something suitably massy that ANY of your pathetic whiny protests would be only a oily red smear on the pavement after I drive through. Then I will resell said heavy equipment and either donate the funds back to the Government (if I'm feeling charitable), or I will establish a trust dedicated to keeping a troupe of Capuchin Monkeys dancing on your graves for all eternity.

Have I made myself clear?

Do you want to ask how I really feel about this?

Dammit, hippies and hipsters just piss me off.  And got me off on a rant where I didn't mean to be. 


Nancy R. said...

I'd donate to the Capuchin Monkey Fund.

wv: scropate. What these hipsters have above their shoulders. A contraction of two words.

Chuck Kuecker said...

I paid mine off, and my daughters and son have paid theirs off, or are in the process of doing so.

Forgiving student loans will just add to the deficit while teaching said students that they never have to take responsibility for anything, if modern education hasn't already succeeded in teaching that already.

If I get a job, sign me up for one monkey.