After spending most of the last four days on a boat, feeling no ill effects, I am now sitting at my desk, on solid ground, and it feels like the world is floating on a stormy sea. Up and down and back and fourth... could someone stop the ride, please? I want to get off.


Weer'd Beard said...

When I first started shipping out I got land sickness BAD.

BTW the trick I used is "Two Beers". The quotes are because you have to gauge yourself. What you want is enough booze in your system to give your cheeks a little glow and to lighten your feet a little, but not enough to mess you up. Ideally it should be the state where you say "Maybe I should wait a few minuets before I drive home".

And nap if you can. It should go soon.

bluesun said...

Perhaps not at work though!

Weer'd Beard said...

I was wondering what the situation was.

Yeah, see if you can cut out a hair early, have a drinky-drink and get a GOOOD night's sleep.

Also while at work, put the hurtin' to the water. Get yerself peeing hard to make sure you're hydrated, as that can help too.