A musical interlude for when I'm gone

Star Trek Voyager may not have been the... strongest series in the Star Trek catalog, but their theme song was pretty darn good, if you ask me. Very explorer-y.


Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

The best theme song of the tv shows, I think. TNG's theme was just a rehash of the score from the first movie. Not bad, but... "meh." DS9's theme was pretty good, just not quite as good as Voyager's. I didn't mind the Enterprise theme, myself, but it was such a different style that you can't really compare it with the rest.

As for the show itself, TNG was the best, of course, but I liked Voyager better than DS9, and certainly neither one hit the full-on, rage-inducing level of fail that Enterprise did.

Voyager took a good concept and did a decent job with it. DS9 took a rather lackluster concept and did an exceptional job making it a decent series, but you can tell they had to tinker with the base concept along the way to manage it.

Enterprise took a brilliant concept with incredible potential, an interesting character list with talented actors, and and absolutely brilliant set and technology design*, and utterly and completely destroyed it.**

* I think the Enterprise designers managed to hit the "bridge" between modern technology and the '60's TOS look about as perfectly as possible.

** I still want to strangle Rick Berman over that "temporal cold war" abomination, and all it's wretched spawn.

bluesun said...

The funny thing is I just watched the episode of Voyager with the 29th century guy who came back and sent them all to 1996. That was a pretty annoying episode. Just... stay out of time travel, ok, scifi writers/producers/etc? It gets old.