Note to self

Never ever ever go to Cabela's on a weekend during hunting season.

Actually, don't go to the mall in general on a weekend this close to the holidays.

Actually, it may just be best to shop online from now on.

What a zoo!


DaddyBear said...

I heartily agree. I prefer to do all of my shopping at Amazon or a store's website.

doubletrouble said...

I'm gettin' wicked hooked on Amazon Prime. Click, & it's here in two days.

Just don't go there if'n you've been drinking...don't ask me how I know this.

bluesun said...

The amount of stuff I order from amazon, prime would probably be worth it...

kx59 said...

Deer season opens next week around here I think, which is good because all the deer hunters will off the rifle range at their hunting leases. Our local range has just been packed the last few weekends.

Butch Cassidy said...

I think Amazon is still offering a one month free trial of Prime. Try it, realize that you love it and buy it. Thank Doubletrouble later.

FedEx and UPS have an interesting relationship with me. ORM-D stickers, adult signature on delivery, and frequent packages keep them on their toes.