Don't Worry

We're back. No mountain lion attacks, no government raids, no vehicular maleficence, and no time (yet) to stop and think. My Montana friend is going back tomorrow, after a vacation well spent. We basically have hit all four cardinal directions from town--just enough of a teaser that I hope he gets down here again for a trip with more substance.

And tonight for desert there was local mead, peach pie (from local peaches), brownies (not from local anything), and root beer floats (with root beer from one of the local microbreweries). Thus negating any beneficial effects from that 5-mile hike that went 1,800 feet up the side of a canyon wall to a few old silver mines.


doubletrouble said...

Sounds very cool.
Wish I were 20-something again...

bluesun said...

For the hiking, or for the deserts?