bEUsy bodies

I've heard the saying "You can't legislate morality," and I've decided from personal observation that "You can't legislate intelligence," but the European Union thinks that it can legislate ANYTHING. EVER. AT ALL.

I don't know why they don't just decide to lock everyone in a bio-pod and feed them neural stimulation via spinal jacks a-la Matrix.  "It's for the children!"  "The scourge of tripping on a crack in the sidewalk has finally been solved!" "Yay!"

The faster their economy collapses, the better.  It's passed time to press the reset button.

Found first at The Gormogons, who you really should be reading.


kx59 said...

Before even hitting the link I'm going take a wild ass guess that it's the Euroweenie's legislation making it illegal for children to, oh the harrah!, the humanity!
Blow UP Balloons!

bluesun said...


Butch Cassidy said...

Yeah, those Teddy bears are stone-cold killers...

I wonder how they feel about Nerf?