Die screaming in a fire!

Say it was cold last night, and everything was coated in a hard frost, causing your small black Japanese car to be the same color as the worn pavement you drive it on.  Now you need to drive to work in the early morning at that time of day just before sunrise.

Do you:
a) Start a little early to warm up your car, scrape off your windows, turn on your headlights, and drive like a normal, sane person?
b) Wait until the sun comes up to melt all the ice off your car, and then drive to work like an insane person because you waited so long?
c) Not scrape off your windows, don't pre-heat your car, don't turn on your headlights, and then tailgate that large white truck with the "peace through superior firepower" window sticker who, as it turns out, can't see you because of your expert camouflage?

If you guessed "c", you almost died today taking, someone else with you and delaying traffic for hundreds of others as they tried to get to work! Congratulations!

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Stephen said...

And isn't it wonderful they are allowed to vote.