Straining credibility

Seen on the front page of the newspaper: an AP article about a Berkeley scientist who used to consider himself a climate change denier, then when the East Anglia shenanigans went down he looked over their leaked data and decided that they were 100% completely right.

Seen on the second page with the weather: Average high for this day: a lovely 60 degrees. Today's projected high: an absolutely astonishing... 60 degrees. Record high for this day: a still pleasant 78 degrees, set in 1970.

Seen buried in the middle back of the newspaper: an article about the huge northeastern snow storms that went down over the weekend (2 feet?!? Man--you have my sympathy).

My conclusion: it's no wonder the "old media" is losing readership. The only reason I read it is so I can make fun of the articles in the morning, and that's not really how you want to build your business model...

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