Go Western Colorado!

Out of curiosity, I decided to look up which mayors, if any, in Colorado, were members of Mayors Against Illegal Guns--no I am not going to provide a link to the organization itself, the same way I won't provide a link to a neo-nazi group or any other bigoted group of ill-informed clown-faced buffoons who wouldn't even try to pour piss out of a boot if you told them the instructions were on the heel; if you want to know more Linoge at Walls of the City has a good post up talking about it.

So on the list are the mayors for Denver, Boulder, Golden, Manitou Springs, and Salida (Salida?  What the heck?  A town of 5000 people, known mainly for, well, nothing, really).  The list would read better as: Denver, North Denver, West Denver, South Denver, and Huh. That's it.

Does this give you a better idea why I hate my capital with a purple passion?  Still think Western Colorado and Eastern Utah should secede and make a new state called Red Rock or National Parkland, or something.


Mudbug said...

hey now, Salida is important. They have a Murdock's there where we can get fencing for cheap. And they have an "art district" that reminds us that if we travel any further north, we hit liberal country.

Please add the San Luis Valley to the list. Maybe we can call it "Free Colorado" or "Red Flyover State".

bluesun said...

Sure, Great Sand Dunes fit right in with the Parkland theme.

Anonymous said...

Follow the Divide to Leadville then down through Salida and down the Sangre de Cristos. Carve a chunk out along 70 to Glenwood. That's still a Denver suburb.

Tell those in Durango that don't like coal smoke to move back east. To Boulder.

It's probably too late to save South Park...or blow 285 at Bailey and 24 at Divide and see what happens...

That stretch between Buena Vista and Salida needs review; the Arkansas Valley begins to feel like a Springs suburb.

bluesun said...

And in Utah I'd want Moab south, with Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Goblin Valley, and Lake Powell. Not sure if I would want all the way to Zion, because then you'd probably have to take Colorado City, and those folks are, um, of the crazy Mormon variety.

BobG said...

Vernal, Utah isn't too bad; there's a fair amount of gunnies in that area.