A Pox on the Lot of Them

In the newspaper this morning was an article talking about how Colorado's two (democratic) senators thought that we needed to stay in Libya and help them run elections, rebuild, nourish, and etc etc. It boggles my mind how hypocritical these guys are--when G.W.Republican stays in a country to help them rebuild, it's "empire building" but when O.H.Democrat does it, we're helping democracy to thrive in an area of the world that needs it? What the hell, dudes? If you were a little less blatant about it I could probably stomach it, but do you really think that I'm so dumb not to notice your obscene double standards? Just come out and say "we know better than those other guys," that way I can point and laugh at you and move on with my day--but to completely leave out recent history like my attention span is that of a 3-year old is a little bit annoying.

Oh yeah, and since I'm on (or at least close to) the subject, Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi is dead! Long live Occupy Tripoli! Huzah! Huzah! Huzah!


Mudbug said...

In my own defense, the front range is where all the democrats live. Us in the mountain area and plains (read: not living within 20 miles of I-25) tend to own guns and land. But the democrats seem to outnumber us in the big cities.

And they seem (especially the lawmakers) to have brains made out of tapioca pudding.

The double standard is there, and I'm sure you will have the terms racist, uncompassionate, rabble-rousing, domestic terrorist, and teabagger added to your file and will be scheduled for re-education for finding the problem with their "logic"

But good luck and I've got your back. Stephen from Standing Outside Looking In sent me here.

bluesun said...

I'm on the West Slope. Good to see another Coloradan around.