A brilliant product idea!

At work right now I'm digitizing some old contour maps (read: tracing using a computer), a process that involves clicking on the mouse a whole lot.  For example, one medium sized line is roughly 1000 clicks, and on this one map there are probably a couple hundred contour lines... and then there are about 9 map sections that will need to be done.  You do the math.

But I got to thinking, and realized that all this clicking is just too darn easy--you don't burn any calories or build up any muscle tone.  What someone needs to do is make a mouse that has a 10-pound button, that way, every time you click you're doing a rep--soon you'll have the beefiest index finger out of all your friends!  You can call it the EXRMOUSE! Just think of the commercials--a mouse beating up a cat, or some skinny guy doing pushups using only one index finger!

Should I apply for a patent? What do you think? Sure to be a best seller, eh?


kx59 said...

If the "clicker" is a big lever you pull, then you might have something there.
If it's a button, I see massive carpal tunnel problems.

bluesun said...

Yeah, but you're going to have those anyway...

kx59 said...

New and Improved!, Get Carpal Tunnel Faster!
I've always wanted a job in advertising. When can I start? ;-)

bluesun said...

Sounds like you just did!