Look at that guy... he's such a poser.

Been looking for some new shorts over the course of the summer, and at Cabela's yesterday I found some on sale that looked pretty nice--nice big pockets all over, good fabric, and they actually go down to my knees, which is usually impossible to find as I have a 37 inch inseam. I generally go around looking like a goofy british safari tourist with those ridiculously short shorts (who likes short shorts? Not me...). So there were the pluses. The downside? They're camo. Actually, they're stupid camo--three shades of barely distinguishable green that wouldn't work as camouflage even if you were trying to hide in the jungle. I mean, they hardly work as a fashion statement. And why the heck would you want camo shorts? You've got the Irish-white legs sticking out below and a Hawaiian shirt on top--you are not hiding anything.

I bought them, and I think I like them, but I can't help but feel kinda stupid. "Huh huh, look at that guy with the stupid camo shorts. WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO HIDE FROM, POSER?"

*hangs head in shame*


DirtCrashr said...

Not a bad choice, the white legs are a simple solar-exposure fix, and Hawaiian shirts go well with faux-cammo as a base "color", as each different shirt will go with it.

bluesun said...

Tanning, not so much--my skin has two colors, white and freckled and red and freckled.

Seriously though, each time I look down at my shorts I think: "Why am I wearing these stupid shorts?"

Thomas said...

Hey, camo isn't for hiding YOU, it's for hiding coffee, mustard, and burrito sauce stains. It's awesome for that. That's why I wear camo cargo short pants on my off time. With camo, only smelliness limits how long you can wear a set without laundering them.

bluesun said...

Do you happen to be an electrical engineer?