Varmint Count

My varmint count is not as impressive as JayG's Dead Goblin Count, which is rapidly approaching 200, but it is still climbing.

Anyway, it now stands at 4 skunks, 5 raccoons, and 1 squirrel. And I'm getting awfully tired of getting up in the morning and digging holes... but those raccoons need to step up their game if they want to keep in the lead. I know there's still a big one out there, I've seen its tracks in the garden... and these tracks are big enough to make me wonder if I need a bigger trap.


Nancy R. said...

When I lived in an old, old house (original part was late 17th century, with an 18th century update, and a then a 20th century kitchen tacked on) that had a very drafty (if you catch my drift)English basement, I avereaged 35 mice per winter. I kept hash-marks on the backs of the traps. I didn't have to dig holes for them, though, so you win.

bluesun said...

Yuck. I would rather catch a skunk every day than have mice in the house.