String Beans

From the garden

to the grill



North said...

String 'em up! Grill 'em! That'll teach those beans.

doubletrouble said...

Grilled beans?
You are far west & much south.

We just steam 'em until tender.

kx59 said...

I have to say I admire your green thumb.
I love green beans cooked in a wok in extra virgin olive oil with a dash of garlic.
Steamed is good too.

bluesun said...

grilled or baked is pretty much the best way to eat most vegetables, in my opinion. Garlic oil, garlic powder, some cayenne pepper, and some sea salt, on most any veggies, and with just that little bit of roastiness from the baking/grilling process... let's just say that if I was forced to be a vegetarian, this is how all my meals would be cooked. You really should try it.