Vacation Statistics


Vehicle: 2002 Ford F-150, 5.4L V8
Distance: 1830.7 miles
Gas: 105.5 gallons
Money Spent on Gas: $380.99
Mileage: 17.3 MPG [not half bad, the jeep would get ~19 on the highway]


Raindrops Counted: Sum total of 32 raindrops


Weddings: 2 attended
Nights in Tent: 2 nights
Church Potluck Picknicks: 1 attended
Days where Nothing Happened and I Sat on the Couch: 3 days
Books Read on Said Days: 4 read
Sporting Good Store Visits: 2 visits
Old Friends Seen: roughly... hundreds
Babies Seen: 1 baby
Movies Watched: 3 movies watched [Two of which were 300 and The Emperor's New Groove. I want to know what kind of movie it would be if you mashed those both together...]


Money Spent in the Support of Small Consumer-Good Terrorism©: $160.47
Colorado Sales Tax Saved: $11.63 [but it's the thought that counts!]
Money Spent on Random Knick-Knacks, Cheese Sticks, Drinks, etc.: $23.06 [best guess]
Total Money Spent, Including Gas: $576.15


Beer: 3 beers consumed
Cinnamon Rolls: 2 Caramel Almond Cinnamon Rolls Consumed [as big as a dinner plate, and for only $2.50 apiece!]
Peach Cobbler: roughly 5 servings consumed
Pie: 2 pieces of pie consumed
Cake: 6 different types of cake consumed
Brownies: 1 brownie consumed
Pork Chop Sandwiches: 1 Wop Chop consumed.

Gunnish Things

Number of Guns Fired: 4 guns fired
Caliber of Guns Fired: .22LR, .38SP, and 9mm
Rounds Fired: 18 rounds of .38, 29 rounds of 9mm, and roughly 200 rounds of 22 [not enough is the correct answer]

Computerish Things

Unread Emails: 41 unread emails
Unread Blog Posts in Google Reader: 600+ all told [you people are killing me here!]

Live Animals

Bald Eagles: 1 nesting pair
Pronghorn Antelope: 15 pronghorns seen
Most Number of Hawks Seen at One Time: 3 hawks at once
Skunks: 1 skunk seen [tried to charge my truck while I was going about 55 mph, cheeky little bugger]
American Bison: 1 herd of buffaloes seen
Cows: [you're joking right? you do know that both Montana and Wyoming have more cows than people, by a large margin?]


Pronghorn Antelope: 2 roadkill antelopes
Skunks: 2 roadkill skunks
Foxes: 1 roadkill foxes
Deer: 2 roadkill deers [that "s" was intentional, by the way]
Raccoons: lost count at 30[!] roadkill raccoons [I feel no remorse]

Closing Thoughts

It was a good vacation, if a bit more driving than is comfortable. And as always, the best part of a good vacation is coming home and being able to sleep in your own bed again.


kx59 said...

Excellent stats. Although the rounds fired and beers consumed seems a bit low for a vacation to me.
As for the skunk roadkill, 2 is 2 many. I pity the unfortunate souls that managed to find that bit of on the part of the driver, the other on the part of the skunk.

bluesun said...

I feel the exact same way, but what are you gonna do?