Geek Out

Someone made a Zelda Adventure mod for Minecraft.

Very cool.

Thought of the day

City Planner (n.) A leader of local governments who calls for more citizens to ride their bikes to work while simultaneously denying the funds to construct more bike lanes.

This is some sort of bizarre dream, right?

Professor Mondo brings news of the new head of the UN’s Conference on Disarmament. Wanna take a guess who it is?

It's North Korea.

I really really want to wake up now, please. This weird dream world has gone abso-bally-lutely batshit insane.



The power of the jinx

I watered the garden. It started raining. Of course it did.

A question

Why is it that the same people who think that government can solve all problems are the same people who think the government is so incompetent that it would build a radioactive waste facility that would cause the death of the entire country if a forest fire got close to it?


Personal bread and circuses

We're upgrading our internet to the higher speed version. Maybe I'll stop complaining about how sucky it is. The goodest part is, they're supposedly doing at no extra charge because the family has been using them in one form or another for 30 years, so we're "loyalty customers." So being lazy about finding something better maybe just payed off. Yay.


Usually with classical music remixes they just put a stupid drum track in and call it good. This one they actually seemed to try to, you know, REMIX it.

It's still blaspheme, of course.

Good Golly

It's not even 07:00 and it's already 80 degrees out. I'm not looking forward to working today in an un-air-conditioned building...


Took a left turn at Albuquerque

Let me be clear: I am entirely Public School educated, white, upper-lower-middle class family, 23 years old, and I scored 32/33 on this Civic Literacy Exam that Spikessib found. I quote from the website:
"The average score for all 2,508 Americans taking the following test was 49%; college educators scored 55%."
"Of the 2,508 People surveyed, 164 say they have held an elected government office at least once in their life. Their average score on the civic literacy test is 44%, compared to 49% for those who have not held an elected office."
I'm from the demographic that is supposed to be dumb--obsessed with sex and football, yet I got a higher score than college professors and elected officials?

I was just reading about Vernor Vinge's doom and gloom prediction of "Technological Singularity," but really, I'm doubting we're ever going to get that far.

Well, this sucks

The building I work in appears to have become the nexus of The Road And Utility Construction Project To End All Road And Utility Construction Projects. I don't think I've ever seen so many high visibility vests in one place before, and now there is no avoiding it, assuming I want to keep collecting paychecks...

It's a spinning cat TMBG PSA!

Not that I'm going to make a video (though I may know of some people with stylish capes...), but sometimes a little bit of randomnosity (or always, whatever) just makes the day better. And with the recent TSA anger, I could use it...


Home again...

Everyone got home aok. The TSA didn't even confiscate the jar of mustard my brother had in his carry-on, though it was over 3oz and the agent looked right at it, further proving the absolute incompetence of that agency. It would be one thing if they were any good at all at accomplishing their stated goals, but it seems we are to get all of the hassle of a police state with none of the promised safety...

A long train of abuses and usurpations

The internet was invented so people like [EVERY TSA AGENT EVER] could look for specialized porn from the comfort of their own home.


Ok, I can get where people were coming from when the TS-Prodding Passengers in the-A was invented.  Terrorists are scary, etc.

95 year old cancer patients wearing adult diapers ARE. NOT. SCARY.  6 year old girls ARE. NOT. SCARY.   Hellfire and Damnation, even attractive and well-endowed women ARE. NOT. SCARY.

And yet.  And yet.

We get a statement from the TSA leadership defending these actions.

We get advertisements in the newspaper for more TSA job openings.

And if there is a single honorable TSA agent, they have forsaken any and all respect by way of their silence, and deserve nothing.


It occurs to me that we are approaching July 4th.  Are you going to re-read (or even write out) the Declaration of Independence, the reason for all the pretty shiny lights and burnt hot dogs?  It's frightening how you almost wouldn't have to re-write anything if you wanted to send it to the King George of our time.

Or are you going to be like most Americans, and just complain about your sunburn and the mustard stain you put on your red-white-and-blue t-shirt?

The United States are dead.  Long live The State.

What is with John Denver and Traveling Songs?

My mother and brother are supposed to be coming in just after noon. Much as I liked having the place to myself... it was too quiet.


John Brown's Body

Changed the header.  I needed something a little more brimstony.

Onion and Butterfly

Sounds like the name of a bar, or maybe a famous sandwich at a bar, but really, it was just a visitor in the garden while I was watering.

As for the drink, tonight I think I'm feeling like a grog of some variety.  So many rums to chose from...

It's called a "Lemon Boy"

I wonder what it tastes like...


Last night's sunset

Over the canal right behind my house

That's just depressing.

On multiple levels, it's depressing.

"U.S. Military Spends More On A/C Than NASA’s Entire Budget"

Don't get me wrong, I don't begrudge our soldiers in the Middle East some A/C--I imagine it's necessary for their sanity. 

But "Afghanistan is where empires go to die" just got even more depressing to me when I realized they built our moon base on the wrong planet.

And another weird one

Rapping... pirates.

Wonder of Wonder, Miracle of Miracles!

No trapped animals this morning! Hooray! My day is looking up!

You may wonder why I keep setting up the trap if I all I do then is complain about it. The reason is, well, I find that digging a hole in the morning is an invigorating experience and coffee just doesn't have the same kick as Eau Du Skunk. Then there's the messy fact that my love of farm fresh eggs could be put to a permanent stop if I didn't. And lastly, well, it's just something a person with a personal vendetta against the world varmint population's gotta do. But it doesn't mean I gotta do it with a smile on my face.


What's he drinking tonight?

My latest batch, which was supposed to be a Belgian Saison.

I think I'm going to call it "Saison Sludge" because of how murky it is. Murky... and DELICIOUS. Man, if it's this good after being bottled only a week, I can't see it lasting much longer. Perhaps I'll put up the recipe sometime so the wide, wide world of the Interwebz can share in the joy.

Another Day, Another Set of Grips...

I recently purchased a set of "Hideout Grips" off of Brownels, basically because they were cheap and didn't have finger grooves.

The fit and finish as they came was, quite frankly, atrocious. They almost seemed to have been built with a different sized and shaped gun in mind. But, there was too much material instead of too little, and as the material is only a polyester plastic, some sand paper and a Vicious Circle later, they got to be NEW AND IMPROVED! and CUSTOM FIT! or whatever.

Since I find most grip manufacturers have terrible, terrible websites that don't show you nearly enough angles and information on whatever you are conceivably plunking your hard earned cash on, so here are some pictures of these grips as they are now, after a couple hours of elbow grease:

I'm still pretty sure that I haven't found the perfect grips for my S&W 642, and I'm not even sure that I like them better than the stock rubber grips but I was able to get 50 rounds of 158 gr ammo on the target (a 4" radius circle) at 20 yards with no more discomfort than when using the rubber grips, which was surprising to me. Hold on for dear life and blast away!

In other news, I'm still taking suggestions for grip ideas (and now that I have a *temporary* job, I might even be able to spend money on them! Yay!).

Oh yeah, and [three letter government agency whose name I can never remember] disclaimer: You may have noticed the word "PURCHASED" that I used in the first sentence? Ok, now shut up.

Belated, but still weird, music

Belated because of the friendly neighborhood skunk population. Weird, of course, being relative, since most of the music I find for you is weird. But this one is weird even by my standards.

No idea...

This is getting ridiculous.

I caught another skunk. And I'm getting the feeling that I could just dig a hole and put a sign up that says "FREE CHICKNS" and they'd all just jump in. Probably be easier than digging a hole EVERY FREEKIN' DAY for each individual, and at the rate I'm going I bet it would be just as effective.

Anyway, my morning just went from "Yay it's Friday!" to "Life sucks, just like Monday." How are you?


This is the high life

It's 95 degrees out, the garden's watered, the dogs are walked, and I finally found a store in town that was selling Fever Tree tonic water. With a little Tanqueray and a lime, and a fancy phone with built in image editor:

Now, if I could just ignore the news, like 90% of the population of the US seems to do, I could truly say that life is good.

First Tomato

Quickly, while I have Internet, I wanted to gloat a little bit. There was one red tomato out in the garden, so I made a BLT. Oh, and lettuce from the garden, too.

Broke open the last package of my home-made bacon from my MT ranch friends.


You think we're running some sort of wildlife sanctuary?

I caught another raccoon last night. 18 years we've been living here, and we've never had such a problem with varmints.


I bet I could write a grant for funding to study the effects of global warming on the range and migration habits of the local raccoon and skunk populations...

Geeking Out

I saw a DeLorean on the way to work today! I can die complete.

Double Jinxed

Perhaps I spoke too soon. The internet is still trying to make problems for me.

Stand by.


The song itself is pretty darn sucky, so sorry.

To this day, if I'm watching a movie with my brother, and if this soundbite is in it, we both yell out "WILHELM!" I've been ruined by Starwars...


Using the power of the jinx for good instead of evil!

Got every thing set up. Hopefully it will work better than the old box. I bought the 2 year protection plan on it this time, so that means we've got at least 2 years of flawless functionality before everything breaks, which is about a year and a half more than what we've gotten out of the last three routers. w00t.

In honor of my family's travels

They should be in Philadelphia today.

In other news, Bruce Springsteen makes a pretty good homeless guy, doncha think?


Gorram Internet

It has gone beyond "it's just that time of the month" full on into "THIS STUPID SUCKY ROUTER BOX WOULD WORK BETTER IF I SHOT IT FULL OF HOLES!!! AHHRGHH!!!"

A I hate using this little touchpad thing on my phone. So I may or may not be blogging a whole lot for the next couple days, depending on if I can get to the store to find a new one o' them internet box thingies, and if I can get it to play nice with the provider.


I watched an interesting documentary last night, that one of my Aunts bought when she visited Jerusalem. It's called "Israel's War History." It was interesting for two reasons, really. One, it was just a good history of all the the wars Israel/the Jewish population of the Middle East has been involved in since 1914 or so. They interviewed about every prime minister that Israel has had who was still alive when they made it. And two, it was interesting to see something about Israel that didn't start out with the bias of "THE JOOOOOOOS ARE EEEEEEEVIL!" that you always get (and I do mean always) from the US media. In fact, I think they only mentioned the US twice.

In the end, though, the overriding message was this: don't mess with the Jews, man. They're on a mission from God. And they will beat you up.


Been watching through Top Gear on Netflix, about finished them up (which is somewhat depressing). Probably the best show ever, if you can get past some of the british superiority complex. I think Jeremy Clarkson is the only man left in the UK that has any hope of being respected by a poor American boy like myself. This next one is dedicated to you, Top Gear!


I sure hope that was a redneck...

...because if what I just heard outside was a real elk call, something truly bizarre and out of the ordinary just happened...


It's still stinky outside. Apparently one day of rain and sunshine isn't enough to scare it away. I think I now hate skunks more than raccoons.

Then again...

It was a really bad Monday for the Skunk family. The neighbor caught one too. After it ate his pet chicken. The one I got was maybe only half as big as his, which leads me to believe that there are more of the family in the neighborhood. And man, this recent batch of chickens has had the worst misfortune...

Now, I wonder if I should call in to work to warn my boss about my smell, or if I should surprise him...

It must be Monday

Do you know how I can tell it's Monday? Because it's raining and there's a skunk in the live trap to be dealt with.

Now, excuse me while I look for some clothes that I don't mind burning...

Not music, but

It's still something pretty funny:


Happy Manufactured Holliday!

Ahem. I was going to post something about how I don't like Father's Day, and then I thought that I would take the moral high ground and just say something nice, and then I decided that I really don't care, and so I'm going to do a short rant. You've been warned.

I don't like Father's Day. Never have, not even when my dad was still alive. It just smacks too much of "liberal guilty conscience" for me. If you are going to appreciate your father, howabout you do it when you don't have social pressures trying to make you buy a card?  Take him to a local brewpub, or send him some money for a new ratchet set, or something. 

From the "Cynic" Side of Boy Vs. the Cynic

Another John Reuben.

"Anticipation nowadays looks a lot more like anxious
Time killed away our imaginations
We used to escape into fantasies and fairytales
Now we medicate:
'How do you feel?'"


Pages and pages of crossing eyes

Optical Illusions.


My guns get around, I guess

So after relating how my revolver was molested the other day, now I'm cleaning my XD and I see that it has a long dark hair caught between the frame and the slide. What the heck? I don't even know any girls with long dark hair, but the little XD does?

My family may be on a plane...

...but that doesn't mean I don't still love Life!

Life cereal makes every situation better!

Home alone for a week and a half

In honor of my mother and brother flying back east to visit my dad's family, I present to you a TSA song:

Oooo... and one of the airports they're going to is Philly, which I hear is one of the worst...

Kinda glad I'm not going, now.


Beer beer beer!

Well, the last batch (this time a Belgian saison, with all sorts of things in it, from grapefruit peels to peppercorns) is about ready to be bottled, and since my mother and brother are leaving for Ohio and Pennsylvania on a jet plane dark and early tomorrow, we're going to strike now.  Hopefully it won't be as, um, enthusiastic as the last batch, in which I didn't stir in the bottling sugar quite good enough and you never know if you're going to get a volcano or a dud. 

Wish me luck!

A year ago last night

The neighbors (who are now forever know by me as "The Crazy Neighbors," but that's another story) house was burnt down a year ago last night. They've finally started working on a new house (it's even got a roof, now, though no shingles).  And then, last night, some maroon went and parked across the road right about the time I was going to bed, and stayed there for half an hour.  Probable some kids getting their kicks on marijuana (as we saw what looked like match flares and such), but it was still kinda, "Oh great, not again."  One thing's for sure--having your neighbor's house arson'd away makes you pay better attention to things like that.  And even though I had already started the process to get my CHP by then (actually, I took my class only a couple days before the fire), let's just say that I was that much more anxious to get the stupid little card that says I can carry a firearm in my pocket.


I don't see how a song can be so chillout and paranoid at the same time.



We've been eating peas from the garden, which just came on this week. A little olive oil, some garlic and cayenne pepper, and some good sea salt, roasted in the oven, and you have the best tasting things on the vegetable side of the menu.

Hey, old guys

Just because I'm a youngster with a snub-nosed revolver doesn't mean that I'm a total moron, and when I'm asking to see grips at your gunshow booth and instead you ask to see my gun, go on to say that you've never heard of pocket carry, and then stuff my gun (properly cleared and zip-tied, thankfully) down the front of your pants, pronouncing "This is how We used to do it back when," forgive me if I proceed to smile, nod, and completely ignore anything else you say while politely recollecting my gun and leaving...

Politically Incorrect Minecraft

In Minecraft there is an enemy creature called a Creeper that sneaks up on you, hisses, and violently explodes, hurting you and ruining whatever you're working on. Well, someone went and changed the sound to something else that blows itself up...

Hilarious and horrible, and the best mod I've ever seen for Minecraft...

Your must-read post of the day

Borepatch is back onto his "climate change" kick again.

The only downside to this is that I was looking forward to massive solar storms that set the US power grid on fire, so we could go all Mad Max. Oh well.

I'm pretty sure I've used this song before

But if I have, then it was a really long time ago.

Kevin Max was a member of what is arguably the first Christian "Supergroup" (well, super for Christian music, at least), DC Talk. After that band went on hiatus, he went out and started making some quite odd and interesting music, as well as spoken word poetry stuff. And there's your useless music history for the day.


So wrong


From an email from my brother. Coincidentally, this book is one of the 18 signs of the collapse of society, found at Random Acts of Patriotism. So does it make me a horrible person that I thought it was kind of funny?

The Eagle Flew Today!

First paycheck of the summer, and I got a small raise from last year!

Everyday you get paid is a good day, right?

I hope they punch Denver's smug liberal face into the pavement

The SAF (link is on the sidebar, people!) is leading a coalition to challenge Denver's ban on carrying if your carry permit is from a state you don't reside in (like, if you have a Florida permit).  It's kinda sad that one of the organizations involved is a Massachusetts one, and yet there doesn't seem to be a single CO one on the list.

A challenge

I bet you can't get anything else this weird in by midnight tonight:

On the one hand I can see how this is the same guy who did "She Blinded Me with Science" or whatever it was called back in the 80's, but then, it was pretty weird, too.


The Oby Test

Via Low Dog on the Totem Pole comes this: Do you agree with Ol' President Oby?

I disagree with him on 100% of everything.  And the sad thing is that I am in the majority on all but two or three of the questions.  And the really sad thing is that there wasn't a box to check that said "Obama is like a Reverse King Midas.  Everything he touches has the value sucked out of it till it's nothing but a misshapen, stinking blob of mud."

Flag Day

A repost of Independence Hall from my trip to Philadelphia last year:


Sorry, most of you probably don't care much about Minecraft... but the city these guys made is just plain cool.


Sometimes the news just makes me weep for my country.



Ow, ow, ow, ow...


Sweet Potato Chips

Sliced thin, coated lightly with olive oil, cayenne pepper, salt, and garlic, and baked for about an hour at 375.  So good.

Back in the lab...

And you can see what's cooking:

Filled the blame thing all the way up today. Turns out we needed moisture contents for EVERY SINGLE TEST HOLE--before we thought we could get away with only a selection. So I'm going to be weighing dirt the next couple days.

What I did yesterday

Went for a Sunday drive up in the mountains. The rivers are already high, but there's still quite a bit of snow up top. Most of the lakes are still frozen on top, or at least still have ice in them.

While up there we stopped at one of the little resort/lodges on one of the lakes and had lunch. They make a mean cinnamon roll.

Great music from a great film

Back when I first saw it, Spirited Away was the first (and only) movie I ever saw that I sat down to and didn't move a muscle until the end. Quite amazing. Half of the magic was from the score.

It's not often that I agree (or even pay attention to) the Oscar award, but I have to say that this movie certainly deserved the one it won.  If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.  And all of Hayao Miyazaki's other films.


Sunday Music

For some reason, I doubt you'll ever hear this song in church...


A better way to predict the weather

Who needs the National Weather service? I have a nearly foolproof method to predict rain in the summer. Cut the hay field and wash your car on the same day, and it will be sure to cloud up and rain.

Random Complaint

You know, for something that's "powered by Google," the little search bar over on the top left of the page sure is sucky. 

Quote of the Day

"Years ago I used to wonder what those “Interior Ministry troops” were, that you read about in reports from the USSR. Back then there wasn’t a Wikipedia to look it up in. Now you don’t need to look it up."
From the comments here, which was reached via Uncle.  I think it summed up in three sentences all other commentary said on the subject.

Wow, that's not biased at all.

Uhhh... maybe it's because I'm coming at this from the wrong angle, but when a mainstream news article says something like this:
"...the emails are reminders of a sympathetic figure who was not yet the brittle, divisive caricature Palin has now become."
all I want to say back is this: a caricature needs an artist, fool, and you're it.

I admit this is stretching the Russian connection


Friday evening...

It's about 80 degrees out, and I'm going to turn off this computer thing and go ride my bike, dagnabit.  See you tomorrow...

Cirle of Life

I caught a raccoon. The tarp was an experiment to try to get it to focus on the door of the trap rather than come in from the side.  It was already pretty torn up, but the coon finished it off.

They are cute little buggers, ain't they?

No catch and release this time, though.  Don't mess with my chickens.

One more

Gotta keep the Russia Love, here. Because if I don't Putin's gonna come and beat me up.


Gettin my hippie on

The city "Farmer's Market" (in parentheses because it's more like a weekly street festival, actually not a whole lot in the way of farmers there) is starting up tonight, and I think we're going to go down.  It's fun to walk around main street--especially since they just finished doing a big refurbishment project--it's fun to get a snow cone, and it's fun to giggle at the old hippies in the drum circle!

It must be time for summer

PSA time!

The newspaper has started it's annual "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!" thing it does every year when the river starts rising.  There are two things that you really should keep in mind about it, though:  1) the Colorado River doesn't really have any "floodplains" as such.  It's mostly in a valley all the way to Mexico, so there's not a whole lot of places for it to flood to.  2) Despite point 1, there is an awful lot of snow this year (I think some watersheds were up to 140% of normal, curse you Algor!), and when the temperature jumps by 20 degrees in a week like it just did, the snow will melt fast enough to flood some of the areas that are close to the river.

Both points 1 and 2 work together for my next point, which is 3) when the absurd amount of snow in the mountains is melting, and making the river flood (even if it isn't "flooding"), THERE IS STILL A FREEEKING AMOUNT OF WATER FLOWING!  I can't believe the number of morons who are going out on the river right now--there's already been several deaths.  Don't even get me started on the couple who went tubing WITH THEIR INFANT CHILD and had to be rescued.

So there you have it.  We're not ALL going to die, but Mr. Red will go after you IF YOU ARE A MORON.


In the theme from yesterday

House of Heroes, with a humorous love story set in the Cold War.


Victim Selection

My old retired cop neighbor has entered the race with me for "Catching the Coon the Soonest."  I'm sure you've heard about criminals with poor victim selection--and this is a perfect example.  Between me and my neighbor there's three live traps and four or five .22's.  I'm confident in myself, though, because the past two nights the Coon's come by and rattled the trap enough to trip it before figuring out how to get in.  I'll reset it and reconfigure it tonight, and we'll see how it looks in the morning...

Blogrollin' rollin' rollin'

Adding two more today:

Guffaw In AZ and Bells a Ringing.

Great stories at both places, with GFA focusing mostly on security guard/private investigations stories, and BAR focusing more on the crazy cat side of things. 

It seems like there was one more that I wanted to add, but I can't remember it right now.  Oh well.  And, as always, if you link to me, and I don't think you look too crazy, then I'll be happy to link back to you!


Right on the front page of the outdoors section in today's newspaper, there was a blurb about the Cowboy Action Shooters competition that's going on in my town this weekend.  It said things like "fun for the whole family" and "bring your earplugs!"

The Brady Bunch can whine, but when you're bringing your kids to see a bunch of guys dress up like cowboys and shoot holes in things, not all the whining in the world can be heard over the black powder going off.



Crazy Reds


Seen out the back door again

Sunset this time.

Life coming in

Got my first student loan bill yesterday. Whee. I have hardly any debt, especially since after my dad died we dropped mightily in income brackets and I got a couple more scholarships for it (which still makes me a little bit angry).

So, anyway, it's not bad, but it's still there.  I wish my job that I have now was more permanent...

I got three stars on every level...

Pomplamoose did a cover of the Angry Birds song.

It is excellent. And the girl finally shows some emotion!



In the two months leading up to and preparing for D-day, the allied air forces lost around 2,000 planes, and 12,000 men.

I always like the look of the P-47 with the D-Day Stripes.  Big, mean, and not afraid of being conspicuous.

Picture from the Hill Air Force Base website.  I would have put up my own picture of this very same plane and from this very same angle, but blogger is crapping out again and won't let me load any pictures.

Quote of the Day

The default American position is not elite. Your place at the starting lineup is guaranteed, and we promise not to interfere with you as you play the game. Whether you win or not is up to you. Train harder, study harder, work harder, and you can go as far as you want. Meritocracy, plain and simple. Government exists in this world view as a referee, and not as a judge. Think of the difference between hockey officials and figure skating judges. The former enforce rules as evenly as possible, while the latter picks winners based on amorphous "standards."

I like the idea that the intellectual "elite" is a bunch of figure skating judges.

From those purveyors and distributors of all human wisdom, the Gormogons.

I still get a kick out of this post

This post here.

Especially when someone comes into it from a Google translate page. You just know that they are on their last legs, searching for a desperate hope, and I am the best thing that the internet can throw at them. The LAST... BEST... AND ONLY!!! hope that exists to protect all of mankind from the scourge of ignorance!

What should I be telling them though? Use something other than Excel if you want to do complicated differential equations on the computer!


Have some lederhosen. With copious amounts of Bavarian yodels.

What more do you want from me? Is there no pleasing you people? Do you know what lengths I have to go to to find such choice cuts of Youtubery?


That bread I baked yesterday

With the whey being the only added liquid.  Delicious.  The crust is flaky, the bread is light but still a bit chewy.  Too bad I didn't really use a recipe.

And there's still another gallon of whey left over.


A new thing

My brother has decided to try his hand at making cheese.  He's planning on some mozzarella today, and I have been charged with making bread with the whey.  No idea what I'm doing...

As seen out the back door

The Economy has RECOVERED!

...or something.

Of course, according to "Economists," it recovered back in 2008.  Pro-tip:  saying "RECOVERY!" over and over isn't a surefire path to, you know, RECOVERY.

I downloaded them all...

Weer'd had a song from this guy yesterday.

He threw cheetos at his cat...

I had to go and find more...  I wound up downloading all of his music (it's free!).


That would pretty take down my whole blog

From Kurt P comes this... no more embedding Youtube videos? What would I do here if that bill got passed? Probably raided by a SWAT team without a warrant...


Who doesn't like googly eyes? I mean, I like googly eyes. Don't most people like googly eyes?

Huh. Well, anyway, if you do like googly eyes, have I got a website for you.  It's called, and it is highly entertaining.

This story keeps getting weirder

First Weiner sends a picture of his *snicker* wiener to a college girl on twitter. Now there's a porn star involved?

I'm waiting for the midget in the middle to come forward...

Not really a song

But it is Friday, at least.

I think I still like the "censored" version better.


Wilted Beet Green Salad

Fry up some bacon... add some balsamic vinegar, and some brown sugar... a handful of dried cranberries... garlic and salt and pepper...  throw in a big bunch of beet greens straight from the garden...


The wise man built his house upon the rock...

...the foolish wasp built it's nest inside the BBQ grill.

Yeah, that didn't last long.

Give me a grainy topo map and an enginee's scale...

...and I will extrapolate the Earth!

I've been having to estimate the elevation of a bunch of little dams for a project I'm working on, and to do this I am extrapolating the water level and the toe of the dam from between 40-foot contours on an old topo map. Basically it's an educated guess. But I've been getting about 3 feet within the GPS readings we have for the few dams we have GPS readings for, which is pretty much within the margin of accuracy the GPS can give. Upon seeing this, my boss exclaimed: "Why do I have a GPS when I have you?"

It's good to be loved.

Quote of the times

Water runs downhill and the two big parties sweat over diverting it a few degrees to the left or right, both hotly denying it'll ever reach bottom. They're dreaming but the nightmare will be ours. No Congressman will miss a meal, no bureaucrat, nobody in the Executive or Judicial branches is gonna have to choose between the gas bill and the electric bill. I strongly suspect for the rest of us, if that's as bad as it ever gets, that'll be a good outcome.
--Roberta X, from here.

I don't want to be all Harold Camping and predict the end within the next year, but I could certainly see it happening to our country/economy. Another reason why I am trying to be content to stay local, live at home, and just grow a garden, for now.

Woo! A revolver in a song!

As is so often the case, I have no idea what is going on in this video, or the song itself. For some reason it was on my MP3 player (when did I get any Moby? I don't remember...) and it's been stuck in my head. Hey, but luckily I'm a normal person and I don't listen to the voices in my head, unlike those crazy anti-rights nuts.


A note to Coons, Cats, et al.


Final meal, right there. It's on.


I wonder what the neighbors would think if I put the head of whatever it is that's eating our chickens on a stake in the front yard. Damn predators.


New chair (with elbow things that go up) is successfully installed. I now have the nicest chair in the building.

Which is a little bit sad, considering it was just something on sale at the local big box office supply store. My boss is still rockin' something that was probably built in 1967 and feels like you're sitting on a carnival ride with how unstable it is. But he says he's afraid of getting a comfy chair--his work day will turn into his nap day.


If anyone wanted to buy this for me, please contact me immediately for my shipping information.

Overcompensating or confused?

Just a second rate drummer in a second rate band?

Well, I gotta give him mad props for his coordination. And I think he needs to look up Dragonforce or something that is more fitting to his style...