Days to Come and thoughts on music

A while back there was the meme that went around talking about the top 20 on your iPod, or whatever. Despite me loving my music, I didn't participate in that one because well, 1) I don't have an iPod, and 2) I listen across all platforms, from Slacker and Pandora, to Windows Media Player, to my Creative Zen Vision:M MP3 player that I bought back in high school(!). Hard to get a good track count when you do it like that. However, I know that Bonobo would be up in the heights, along with Infected Mushroom, U2, Chumbawamba, Muse, and I know that Family Force 5 was up to over 50 playthroughs on my old laptop before it died (yes, it's an odd mix... sue me).

I think the reason I like Bonobo is that it is still technically a form of electronic music; that is, it is usually composed on computers, but made out of looped beats and samples of acoustic instruments, and rather than the overwhelming wall of sound style you get out of DnB or Dubstep. Something sparse and almost quiet, but will still make you want to floor it on the interstate. I describe it as "Jazz World Techno" though there is probably a better way to label the genre.

I mean, they've got an upright bass:

How could you not like that?

Thanks to Weer'd for inspiring this post!


Butch Cassidy said...

I had a Creative Labs MuVo in highschool and would have loved it it the firmware didn't crash hysterically on a regular basis.

Also, thanks for reminding me to download Black Sands from Amazon. I knew I was forgetting a record.

bluesun said...

The Vision:M has been rock solid since the day I got it. I also have a Creative Zen Stone that has gone through the wash and dryer three times, left out in the -20 degree snow a couple times and gone straight in to playing again when I found it...

Too bad their new stuff seems so chincy.

Butch Cassidy said...

I'm surprised they were never more popular. Cheaper and smaller than an Ipod, AM/FM as an option at not much more cost, could be used as flash drives, simple interface, more robust physical construction.

If it wasn't for the firmware issue with mine, I would have not tossed it in a random box when we moved here to never bee seen again. I may have to look into a used M.

bluesun said...

I wonder what they're going for these days...