More SOPA Thoughts

Seems there are quite a few people out there in the "Pointless posturing/yeah, so? the's been doing this ever since the ink was wet on the constitution--why are you all butthurt now?" category. This is a valid point, I think, but I want to tell you a story to maybe hearten you. It's very short--about my brother, who was never interested in current events/politics at all--until SOPA. He was a standard American coputer-y geek, content to play his flash games and watch cats on Youtube--until SOPA. I can't say that he is now going to be the next campaign organizer for the Libertarian party (though that position sounds kinda like it would be herding cats, anyway)... but SOPA shocked him out of his comfort zone, made him realize that yes, the government isn't all happy sunshine people here to comfort and protect, and he's actually following the primaries, and can actually debate the pros and cons of the current selection of jokes running for bumbler in chief (and he realizes that they are all jokes, too).

If even a small percentage of all the internet kiddies out there have been caused by SOPA to actually care one tiny bit about the politics of the day, and realize that they do affect you who was content to sit in the basement on 4chan, I can't say as how that is a bad thing.


doubletrouble said...

I remember, some years ago when the intertubes were "new", a gent I worked with was heavily into it, investing(?) many $$ into the newest, fastest equipment with which to surf.
One evening I had a 2nd amendment discussion with him; his line was "you don't NEED a (fill in the blank) gun, those are just for killing people".
I countered, "there are many websites out there that you don't NEED to see, & are harmful to the viewer- they should be restricted".
Hooo doggy, you shoulda seen the fireworks... but then a light went on.
Good on your brother!

Tam said...

Good post!

Butch Cassidy said...

If there was a candidate running with the intent to keep the 4chan kiddies in the basement, I would vote for him in a heartbeat.

Sorry. I was in a bookstore the other day when a pack of nerds tromped in spouting a ceaseless stream of 4chan gibberish, talking about breaking Skyrim for "totally hot chainmail bikinis!!", and debating the best episode of My Little Pony. I'm still a bit on-edge.

bluesun said...

I still think it's better to get them out of that stage and into real life...