Media Bias?

On page 4 of yesterday's newspaper:  an article talking about the shooting in Mt. Rainier.  It talked about things that were pertinent to the situation... you know, things that were NEWS.  Let me repeat, this was on page 4.

On the front page of today's newspaper: an AP article talking about how we should re-ban guns in National Parks.  This article didn't talk about the shooter, used the ranger only for her blood, and jumped straight in to their agenda.  Front page. 

Any hint of media bias in there, do you think?

Added: wow, then I go and read through some of my blog list and see that practically everybody has a near identical post up.  When the bias is so strong, I wonder how Joe Average off the street feels about it.  Does he fall in to the narrative, or does he see through it?


DaddyBear said...

I haven't commented at my place because so many have done it better than I can.

bluesun said...

I probably wouldn't have if I had read my reader before hand.