How Exciting!

The "in stock" date of the buttstock I want for my rifle has been pushed back every time I've looked at it on Midway since mid December, until the past week, when the date went out to the end of February, and then started coming back the other way.  It's now looking like it may be shipping within a week...  at which point I will declare myself momentarily satisfied on my setup (though there's still the bayonet, and the sling, and the [_____]).

I MUST get out shooting more!


kx59 said...

ooooh! New Toys! I like new toys!
Your faithful readers will expect a full range report, natch.

Butch Cassidy said...


I just checked the tracking for my new air-gun scope and rings that were scheduled for delivery today. It is pushed back to tomorrow at the soonest.

bluesun said...

That's still sooner than mine!